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Editor: Published: 7/31/2019 | Expires: 8/30/2019

Editor: Published: 7/31/2019 | Expires: 8/30/2019

Location: new york, nyc (US) Function: Writing & Editing Specialty: Editor / Editorial, Search Engine Optimization & SEM, Writer degree: Experienced (Non-Manager) Duration: Comprehensive Time, Contract Salary explanation: $27/hr using the prospect of benefits

Regarding Your Part:

Both old and new as a contract Editor for Brides, MyDomaine, and Byrdie, you will join our in-house Quality Team to improve the work of our remote editors and fact checkers, who work on our sizeable cache of existing articles, to enhance the reader experience and ensure the accuracy of all of our content. You can expect to review the job of remote editors, ensuring all articles meet quality requirements, follow project directions, and abide by brand name tips. Additionally, you will provide brand new and veteran editors feedback and revisions to enhance the general modifying procedure. This in-house, agreement place takes a 40 hour regular commitment. The price because of this part is $27/hr.

  • You can expect to review and edit updated articles, making certain the editor’s up-date work follows the project that is specific, the brand’s and Dotdash’s recommendations, and sets your reader first—all while fulfilling Dotdash’s standard for quality content.
  • You may mentor newly employed editors in their first few jobs, supplying them feedback for each article they upgrade and records for revisions, whenever necessary. (more…)
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