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3 CAUSES YOU CAN’T OVERLOOK COLLEGEWEEKLIVE AUTUMN I just received a contact from College Week Live life that I wanted to share with very own readers:

CollegeWeekLive AUTUMN, the largest university fair, is the best one end shop for as much as possible college university admissions. Here are three reasons simply take advantage of that free source of information:

  1. Discover Schools: Over 300 colleges are participating in CollegeWeekLive FALL with virtual booths and on the internet presentations. Investigate schools of which interest an individual and discover institutions that you may can’t you create heard of. CollegeWeekLive FALLhas everthing.
  2. Get Scholarships: CollegeWeekLive FALL carries a database with scholarships well worth more than $2. 5 Zillion. One privileged attendee are likewise eligible for often the CollegeWeekLive $9,99, 000 scholarshipjust for lugging in!
  3. Strengthen Your App: Let each of our admissions analysts guide you from the application practice, including educational funding applications, institution essays, examination prep, and even more. Attend dwell presentations to ask questions. Any thing miss you may catch with demand!


Today on #CampusChat there was a new guest in which informed individuals that university or college is a negative investment for one large number of adolescents. Granted, I can see your girlfriend point ( You can read the particular transcript at this point ). Lots of teens usually are ready for higher education. I agree it is important to counsel our teens with finding out whatever they love and even guiding them all along getting casted path. Nevertheless is college or university truly facts concerning ROI? Can we encourage our children to go to college or university solely based on the fact that they will give us a good return on our expenditu (more…)

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