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Overseas Women’s Day went from bloody revolution to business breakfasts

Overseas Women’s Day went from bloody revolution to business breakfasts

Women marching on Global Ladies’s in Petrograd (St Petersburg day)

For a cold temperatures’s early morning in Petrograd, females start streaming on the roads.

Two million men have actually died, meals is running away, and females reach breaking point.

Some 100,000 workers walk out of their factories to join them by late afternoon. On the means, females smash windows of shops, raid the shelves for bread and meals.

Thousands create a dangerous dash across the frozen river to attain the town centre — police are firing shots at those utilising the bridges.

Another 50,000 odd employees join them the following day, overturning trams and carriages, occupying the river, and hijacking the enormous statue of Alexander III in Znamenskaya Square.

The sight of strikers scaling this symbol of autocracy, nicknamed “the hippopotamus”, convinces the audience the revolution has whirred into action.

The riot continues for four times regardless of the military opening fire: when it is over, police discover the word “hippopotamus” engraved in the statue’s plinth.

A week after Overseas Women’s Day of 1917, the tsar is fully gone, and women winnings the proper to vote.

“We failed to that is amazing this ‘Women’s Day’ would inaugurate a revolution,” composed Leon Trotsky. “But into the all sought out in to the roads. morning”

From revolution to morning meal

Although the first “Women’s Day” had been held by United states socialists in 1908, it had been quickly found by other people global. By 1913, it had reached Russia: certainly one of its founders there clearly was Lenin’s spouse, Nadya Krupskaya (they married, quite literally, in Siberian exile).

Picture Nadya Krupskaya, revolutionary, wife and organiser of Lenin.

Nadya ended up being a formidable organiser — as Trotsky recalled, “in her room, there was clearly constantly an odor of burned paper through the key letters she heated on the fire to learn”. (more…)

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